Project Description

Bamboo outhouse is set amidst a fruit orchard. This project was finished in 2 months using Bamboo as the primary structural material. Series of identical Bamboo truss and columns sits on the extended plinth to define the built. Wattle and Daub walls sit independent of the structure. The roof overhangs considerably to avoid direct solar radiation on the walls.

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Building Details


New building project

10000 m²


98 m²

80 m²

INR Rs. 1 million

INR Rs. 10204



Project Team

Thumbimpressions Collaborative in collaboration with Studio AndBlack


andblack design studio

ANDBLACK DESIGN STUDIO is lead by Kanika and Jwalant Mahadevwala. They did their post graduation from Architectural Association, London. Following which Jwalant worked with Zaha Hadid Architects and Kanika with Michael Hopkins in London for about 4 years before moving to Ahmedabad. The philosophy of andblack design studio lies in designing the process that leads to the ‘solution’. We believe that the design process should be robust enough to inform all stages of design, from concept to detailing. We constantly challenge ourselves to rethink these processes to suit the project. andblack design studio has in its core to achieve energy efficiency that deploys intelligent systems and makes use of natural materials smartly. Jwalant’s background in design research and generative processes combined with Kanika’s knowledge in sustainable architecture has given the firm its main ideology. Everything that moves us emotionally inspires us. We draw our inspiration from complex interactions present in nature. The use of parametric tools and physical modeling are the primary ways we evolve our designs. We tend to use materials like metal, wood, bamboo, paper etc in ways they haven’t been explored generally in the larger context of design in India. We strongly believe in collaborative work and for every project we try and bring in individuals having relevant expertise in specific aspects of design and construction. We pride ourselves in conceiving and delivering projects that can be both iconic and meaningful.

Thumbimpressions Collaborative

THUMBIMPRESSIONS is a collaborative practice of architects, urban designers & planners, civil engineers & photographers. This brings together unique strength of each participants and invokes a collective youthful perspective towards design of built environment. This team is open towards collaboration with artisans, people, community and other interested organization; sharing its experience and expanding its knowledge base of built environment. Through collaboration, it constantly engages in constant dialogue with different viewpoints that eventually shapes its own design journey. It has designed and executed several projects in bamboo, rammed earth apart from regular building materials. TiC is committed towards understanding relationship between built environment, people and design.

Climate Analysis

Bamboo Cottage is located on the outskirts of Surat in Gujarat. It has hot and humid climate due to the proximity to Arabian Sea.

Design Approach

The main aim of the project was to build an outhouse in 2 months with eco friendly material without damaging the site. Series of Bamboo truss and columns formed the primary grid of the house. This grid became the guiding principle to place the walls and windows in the house.

The site is a fruit orchard. The size of the built is designed to avoid cutting of trees. The resultant built is a long and narrow house with spaced arranged in a linear fashion. The built sits on a raised plinth to avoid cutting and filling of the site and also to avoid any damage to its existing ground condition.

The built is designed as a series of 13 bamboo truss and column sections. These truss components define the building design. The structure is made from 2 different species of bamoo - 70mm Dia Assam bamboo and 30mm Dia Goagiri Bamboo. Bamboo are connected to each other using threaded rods and nuts. The bamboo structure is connected to plinth using metal pipes to minimise its connects to the ground. This would increase longivity of bamboo. The Wattle & Daub walls and bamboo roof structure is separated to express the structural clarity of the built.


Special Feature

Ridge line skylight. No additional cost for the provision.

The structure sits amongst trees which shade the roof and walls with their foliage for most of the day. Almost 60% reduction in direct sunlight on roof reducing the heat generated. No additional cost for the same.

Bamboo forms the main material for structure and walls. This ensures the cost effectiveness of the project compared to conventional building.

The superstructure of the built is made from Bamboo. The building is designed using series of components made from Bamboo. This reduces the nuisance caused to the surrounding property.

Building Material

Bamboo A-frames on Bamboo posts, triangulated to get behaviour similar to Portal frames.

RCC Footings and pedestals to raise the plinth above ground.

Bamboo Wattle and Daub walls - Treated Bamboo splits woven to make wall panels, plastered with Cement mortar on the inside and outside to get 75mm thick wall. The wall panels are framed within timber.

Kota stone flooring

Aluminium Modern Troughed (Trapezoidal) sheets. White/ light grey.

Energy systems



1200mm efficient and quiet

1.5 Ton

Each quarter is equipped of thermal solar panel. In totally, there are 140m² of thermal solar panels.

Lessons Learned

Our team of architects, designers and engineers have been able to create a completely new design vocabulary, combining traditional skills and knowledge base of bamboo with contemporary details. We’ve started to believe more than ever in bamboo. Its strength, beauty, flexibility, 4-year growth cycle, and carbon sequestration capacity makes it the most environmentally conscientious building material conceivable. A lot of active R&D on bamboo is required, to try and understand as much as possible about the material so as to evolve better designs and details for the future, to make it more accessible and acceptable to a larger mass. Our team is committed to bamboo and we hope to create more interesting architecture based on these learnings.