Project Description

An Thinh apartment building is located in Vinh Hai residential, which can be easily connect to local public spot such as: North bus station, Vinh Hai market, 2km away from the beach, Children SOS village. The project aims to low-income-citizens, providing main functions: 1. Ground floor: community hall, management and administration area, park 2. First floor - eighth floor: 20 apartments/ floor, each apartment includes 2 bedrooms, 1 livingroom, 1kitchen and 1 toilet 3. 2 elevators, 3 stairs and 2 big sky wells connected to the ground floor which is a parking zone


Building Details

Apartment building

New building project

2,496 m²




40 - 60 m²

10,306 m²

100 m²

n.a. m²


USD 2,904,201.27

USD 357.44



Project Team

Khanh Hoa House Development Company Limited


Khanh Hoa House Development Company Limited

AF Company

AF company

Green Life Company

Climate Analysis

Nha Trang is a coastal city on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. It is influenced by both tropical monsoon climate and oceanic climate, so its climate is relatively temperate and rarely suffer from storm. Two main seasons are dried and rainy season, but mild winter and long dried season. The length of rainy season is short and is nearly close to winter, from September to December, accounting for 80% of rainfall of the whole year (rainfall of October and November is the most) The annual average temperature is 26.3°C and total annual average sunshining hours are 2,540 hours. The annual average relative humidity is 79.5%. The average rainfall is 1,280mm/year

Nhatrang temp
Nhatrang rainfall

Design Approach

From the building, people can easily reach other local public spot such as: North bus station, Vinh Hai market, only 2km away from the beach, Children SOS village, National College of Pedagogy. Around the building are lower houses in the urban area of Vinh Hai precinct. The ground floor is used as park, public spaces for the citizens are not really exist. The only contentment on the ground floor is a convinience store.

The building's longer sides face the North and the South in order to reduce effect of the sunshine. Not only vertical and horizontal air ventilations but also natural daylight for every apartment equally is created by 2 big sky wells inside the O-shaped-building


Special Feature

Porch for sheltering daylight O-shape with space in the middle and on the ground floor.

Nord-South direction O-shape with space in the middle and on the ground floor. Double layer roof is ventilated in the middle Air slots, double layer door: outside opened iron door and inside wood door Livingroom windows lead to the corridors

Building Material

The outside wall is 200 thick with temperature

Using the balcony as shading devices for some spaces


resistant paint and white paint finishing

1-Temperature-resistant metal roof. 2- Steel square pipe 3- Sealing reinforced concrete 4- Ceiling plaster and white paint

Energy systems

Fluorescents are used in staircase while compact lamps are used in lobby.

Type : fluorescent and compact lamps



timer switch

solar energy

Lessons Learned

Khanh Hoa House Development Company Limited

Air ventilations and lighting of the building are evaluated as good, fans ared used in kitchens and living rooms to blow air to the sky wells of the building. Air conditions are switched on just only on very hot summer/noon.

Low price, energy saving designed therefore energy consumtion is reduced and also cost for household