Project Description

Well-designed-apartments get direct daylight. Good fire alarm system is installed in the building. Three-floor-parking space meets the need of the people. Additional cost stems from elevators running, lighting, warter supplying, landscaping, disposal of garbages , cleaning and secuirity guard Building's contentments: swimming pool, sport yard, parks, playground for childrens, multi services area.

An thinh apartment 1

Building Details

Apartment building

new building project

10,224 m2. m²




65.9 - 171 m²

n.a. m²

100 m²

n.a. m²

design standart by Ministry of Construction

USD 357.52


Project Team

Le Thanh Trading - Building Company Limited

Hong Anh Building Company Limited

Consultancy Technic Architect and Urban Environment Join Stock Company A.R.T.E.C.

Climate Analysis

Ho Chi Minh City has a tropical climate, specifically a tropical wet climate ( from May to November) and dry climate ( from December to April). Annual average temperature is high. Annual average solar radiation is 140 Kcal/cm2. The monthly average hours of sunshine 160-270 giờ. The annual average temperature is 27oC. The annual average rainfall is 1,949 mm (159 days annual).The dominant wind comes from the West - South West and the North - East North. The second wind direction is the South - South East.


Design Approach

The building is surrounded by a natural lake, big park and playing yard, which bring the tenants not only a good living atmosphere but also a nice view.

U-shaped-apartment takes winds from the Southwest. Big park helps to remain cool temprature around the building. Corridors let wind flow inside appartment units where sheltered from the wind (despite a small amount). The pool refreshs the atmosphere.


Special Feature

U-shaped-building with space in the middle.

Corridors let wind flow inside appartments where sheltered from the wind. Around the buildings are trees and water surface of the swimming pool Balconies and porch above windows are shading devices for some spaces.

The apartments on the highest floor have extra place for planting.

Building Material

The outside walls are 200 thick, brick size is 80x80x190, exterior temperature-resistant paint and white paint as finishing coat.

reinforced concrete floor combined to concrete diaphragm, ceramic floor,

White paint can reflex more solar radiation.

sealing reinforced concrete roof.

Energy systems

Fluorescents and LEDs are used in the staircase while compact lamps are used in the lobby.

fluorescent and LED lamps



timer switch

solar energy

Lessons Learned


Most tenants are satisfied with their living there, nice view from high apartments and peacefull atmosphere apart from the outside. They have a yard and a park where they can relax, take excercises, communicate with neighbors and get close to the nature. However, the Southwest apartments have to suffer the sunlight. The swimming pool is small.