Project Description

Le Thanh Twin Tower Apartment Building with 605 apartments is located on 2 Huong Lo Stresst, 3.5km away from Dam Sen Park. The building has a good location near current residential areas and other convevient service buildings as hospital, school, banks and offices, etc. Le Thanh Twin Tower Apartment Building is proud to be best choice for low/middle-income people. Well designed apartments offer the tenants enough light, natural fresh air and cosy atmosphere in the middle of a modern industrial city. Futhermore, inside the building are all conveniences for ordinary daylife: swimming pool, tenis yard, restaurant, supermarkt, shopping mall, etc.

Twin tower

Building Details

Apartment building

New building project



46.256 m²

100 m²

n.a. m²

Design Standard by Ministry of Construction

USD 625.66


Project Team

Le Thanh Trading - Building Company Limited

Hong Anh Building Company Limited

Consultancy Technic Architect and Urban Environment Joint Stock Company A.R.T.E.C.

Consultancy Technic Architect and Urban Environment Joint Stock Company A.R.T.E.C.

Climate Analysis

Ho Chi Minh City is considered as tropical monsoon climate featuring wet and dry seasons. The wet season is between May-November while dry season is between December to April. Average annual solar radiation is about 140 Kcal/cm2/yr Sun hour is about 160-270hour/month Average temperature is 27°C Min temperature is about 25.7°C (Dec-Jan) Max temperature is about 28.8°C (April) Annual reprecription is 1,949mm Avearge number of rainy days is about 159 days/year Average RH is 79.5% Prevailing winds include seasonal SWS winds from the Indian Ocean and seasonal NNE winds from the East Sea. SSE trade winds occurs between March-May.


Design Approach

All necessary conveniences are integrated in the walking distance of Le Thanh Building, promoting the communication between tenants and local community. A variety of trading servies launched on the groundfloor offers tenants multi-choices. Natural air ventilations and lighting are well designed. The water ponds can cool the air around the building.

The arrangement of elevators in the middle of the building is to increase contact area between the apartments and outdoor environment, providing apartments with natural air and daylight. Furthermore, this arrangement creates menicus and empty zones to catch winds frome the Southwest. Water ponds in- and outside the building enable the cool and fresk air to flow around the building. The disadvantage of the building is the longer sides facing directly the East and the West. Therefore, some apartments on that side have to suffer solar heat.


Special Feature

Natural lighting

Elevators in the middle of apartments of the building create good air ventilations All apartments are well air-ventilated Trees and water ponds are around the building

Building Material

brick walls, the outside walls are 200 thick, bricksize is 80x80x190, exterior paint is temperature-resistant and white-end paint.

ceramic floor

Sealing reinforced concrete roof.

Energy systems

LEDs and flourescents lamps lighten stair system. Compact lamps are use for lobbies

fluorescent and compact lamps



timer switch

solar energy

Lessons Learned


Most tenants are happy when living in the building. The living space is big enough and has nice view. The building has good air ventilation and various public services. Howerver, the noise insulation from apartments should be improved

The living condions are assessed as good and convenient. However, there are some problems such as noise insulation from apartments that must be improved. Kitchen near the entrance is not a good placement and furnitures are so bad. There are less green spaces for tenants to take excercises