Experts in ecological and socially responsible development, we work for a prosperous eco-system that supports all life on this planet.

About Us

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Using our expertise in ecological and socially responsible development, we work for a prosperous eco-system that supports all life on this planet. Our approach is multi-faceted: We collaborate with academic, private and public sector partners both in India and Internationally, helping to develop sustainable urban and industrial development policies, ecologically friendly technologies – and the minds of future leaders. The latter we do with inspirational thought leadership and courses in aspects of sustainability. We live and work in Auroville, a UN-backed global centre of sustainable practices dedicated to the ideal of human unity. Our mission and our passion align – to make the world a better, greener, place.

Founded in 2010, Auroville Consulting is a unit of the non-profit organization Auroville Foundation. 

Projects And Services

Next to offering project management for your project, we act as energy and water contractors. Our services include energy and water audits, system design, bulk procurement and installation, as well as performance monitoring and evaluation, and set-up of custom information systems.

Preparing the ground for your projects with reliable data collection and market research, we conduct surveys and field studies, determine baselines, benchmarks and indices, and identify best practices. Based on your requirements, we develop customised tools and information systems, tender specifications and guidelines, as well as sustainable products, services and business models.

With multi-disciplinary expertise, we look at your project from various perspectives, providing wholesome strategic solutions in the areas of sustainability, energy and water management. Bringing in our vast experience from Auroville as a model town in sustainability, we excel in vision and strategy building for your sustainability projects, and provide integrated planning services for sites and projects, specialising in energy master planning.

With in-house expertise in communication design, we give your project the visibility it requires. Our services include publications and reports as well as corporate and communication design for your sustainability projects.

To replicate and disseminate best practices in the fields of sustainability, energy and water management, we provide technical and policy advice to public and private partners, conduct technical workshops and trainings, and act as liaison agent between the public and private sector.


We are passionate about developing sustainably integrated planning and design solutions for educational and corporate campuses. Auroville, known for its pioneering efforts in environmental sustainability, has tried and tested various concepts, which can contribute to the manifestation of a new generation of campuses that actively seek to regenerate natural and social environments.

Caring about responsible demand and supply side management, we take a holistic approach to energy management. Drawing on our vast experience in Auroville as a model town and laboratory for sustainable energy solutions, we enjoy designing and implementing programs which contribute to manifesting a sustainable energy future for all.
Operating in a water-stressed area, the responsible management of scarce water resources is a main concern for us. We design and implement intelligent systems and programs for water conservation and efficiency, and increase awareness for these measures through policy advice and demand side management.
Combining national and international professional expertise for all key questions concerning sustainably integrated human habitats, we engage in a two-way flow of sharing of experiences through workshops and trainings in the areas of building & architecture, farming & food, sustainability and arts & crafts.
Since 1968, Auroville strives to be a practical experiment of a different mode of living together based on equality and fairness. On the ground of this experience, we develop corporate social responsibility programs and other projects for corporates to contribute to a thriving society and ecosystem. Our partners can expect unique, transformative projects in the areas of sustainability (energy, water, waste, urban agriculture), governance and livelihood.

Our Team

Natarajan Bala Baskar is Senior Consultant with Auroville Consulting. He has been Secretary of the Auroville Foundation from 1996 to 2001 and again from 2012 to 2014. He has worked in various capacities for the Government of Haryana and Government of India as a member of the Indian Administrative Service. After retirement he had served as the Director of the Bharathidasan Institute of Management, Trichy for two years.
Balu specialises in logistics and event management for Aurovile Consulting. He has successfully hosted numerous groups in Auroville of sizes varying from 10 to over 100. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Vimal is a communication specialist with a passion for video, photography and design. He was engaged in several social responsibility projects for over 6 years, developing branding and marketing communication material. At Auroville Consulting, he oversees all communication design activities. He has authored and published a book “Creative Expressions from Auroville”.

Jaswanth is currently engaged in renewable energy research project for storage optimisation using solar in municipal and irrigation sector. He has worked on water efficiency and innovative solar rooftop technologies for sustainable future. He is also involved in data collection and project management for Solar Village, a state government project. 

Abhimanyu is currently working as communication and graphic designer and project coordinator, organising and managing workshops and retreats. He holds a degree in visual communications and is currently pursuing an MBA.

Toine is the co-founder of Auroville Consulting and is involved in Auroville Township Infrastructure Development, Energy Planning and Business Management Consultancy services. Previously, he held senior management and corporate leadership positions in the global wind energy sector from 1996-2009 and has extensive experience in international business.

Martin is the co-founder of Auroville Consulting. He is currently engaged in renewable energy projects, water, energy and waste auditing projects for the building sector and urban agriculture related project. Martin works with emerging smart cities in strategic planning and citizen engagement and supports state government in formulating Solar PV rooftop policies. He holds a Master degree in Sociology from Austria.

Balvinder read law at Cambridge University before qualifying as a barrister. His expertise in regulation and financial crime was gained with extensive experience as in-house counsel to a wide array of corporate and governmental institutions in the City of London. At Auroville Consulting, he presently conducts fundraising research for a new centre of excellence in sustainable development and assists with its communication strategy.

Nidhi studied architecture and holds a masters degree in Environmental Architecture. She has handheld several architects, developers and corporations in India through the implementation of sustainability initiatives in the built environment domain. At Auroville Consulting, she is presently working towards the realization of "Centre for Green Practices", which will be a living laboratory for green practices. She is also involved in content development for papers, reports & training on sustainable design and energy efficiency in buildings.

Priya did her graduation in English Literature, other languages and Integral Education at Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education, Pondicherry. Thereafter she completed two courses at Air India Chennai on Fares, Reservations, Ticketing and worked for several years as a travel consultant. At Auroville Consulting she is working for participant interface, promotion, logistic support and marketing for workshops, seminars and retreats.

Guru Vignesh holds a Master`s degree in Ecology and Environmental science from Pondicherry University. He is currently working with AVC in Farmers web application development project and Automatic Smart micro irrigation control projects for Auroville (ROSSI).  Previously, He was engaged in water auditing for Auroville establishments under SEPA”.

Bala Anand holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Crescent University, Chennai. He is currently working IoT enabled precision irrigation and is handling product development and testing. Previously, he was engaged with electronics, programming and was involved in STEM Education in outreach schools of Auroville. 

Our Collaborators

Sunlit Future is an integrated service provider bringing high quality renewable energy solutions to both rural and urban India. Based in Auroville, they are dedicated to experimentation and research on solar photovoltaic and thermal technologies and products. The key team members of Sunlit Future have been actively involved in the field of solar energy for more than a decade, building trust and credibility.

Botanical Services is the commercial unit of the Auroville Botanical Gardens, dedicated to bringing ecologically sustainable solutions to the commercial, private and government sectors, drawing upon the experience of Auroville as well as the past years’ experience of creating the Auroville Botanical Gardens. The Auroville Botanical Garden was started in August 2000.

Auroville Design Consultants was established in 1988 and is functioning under the “Auroville Center for Scientifc Research – Auroville Foundation”. It is specialised at designing contextually appropriate solutions, taking into account site conditions, function, climate, building materials and technology, ease of execution, cost effectiveness and environment responsibility.

Auroville Green Practices aims to bring together various stakeholders to envision future townships that offer a habitat that is ecologically, socially and economically nurturing. Distinguished professionals in the field share their vision and experiences in the form of plenary talks, participatory sessions and a panel discussion addressing the key question concerning sustainably integrated human habitats.

The EcoPro wants to contribute to an ecologically sound management of natural resources, primarily of water and soil. They promote an integrated management of liquid and solid “wastes”, eco-friendly approaches in environmental hygiene and sanitation, and sustainable methods and technologies in food production, thus contributing to environmental health and public hygiene.

Auroville Centre for Scientific Research (CSR) is an international voluntary organisation working towards a sustainable future in the field of renewable energy systems (wind, solar, biomass), appropriate architecture and building technologies, waste water recycling and sanitation, and the transfer of these technologies through training programmes. 

Auroville Retreat hosts individual and group retreats that further wholesome and holistic living and nurture body, mind and soul. Our goal is to nurture participants through weekend and other programs. This is a not for profit project, intended to cover the basic program expenses, and to further promote the sustainable lifestyle practices that Auroville has pioneered over the last four decades.

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